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Apr 30, 2018


Would you rather have 10,000 followers, with and average 2-3 comments per post, that are probably just spam, or would you rather have 2,000 followers, with 5-10 average comments from people who add value, and regularly engage? Honestly, we would all rather have both. The follower count and engagement.


We want people...

Apr 29, 2018

If you have an idea, or something you’re wanting to do. Just do it.


I want to make this message as clear as possible for you. Stop overthinking this thing you want to do or try, and just do it.


You have nothing to lose. If you try, and fail, you simply are right where you started. You’ve lost nothing.


This is...

Apr 28, 2018

Even when you do not feel like it, still do it. You may not feel like writing that blog. You may not feel like making that podcast. You may not feel like calling that client. Do it anyway.

You will feel so much better finishing that task for the day. Don’t put it off for tomorrow, when you know you need to do...

Apr 25, 2018

From the 9-5, to full time entrepreneurship, Stacy A. Cross of the Comfort Killers talks about why you need self control and discipline. You have to respect, and honor your time to get things done. When you no longer have that comfortable paycheck rolling into your bank account every two weeks, you have to stay focused...

Apr 23, 2018

Going into the work week can be stressful. Don’t let it be. Embrace it. It’s an opportunity to make a difference, and move closer toward your goals.


Yes, it will be full of useless paperwork, meetings going longer than they should, technical problems, incomplete assignments, and just the general fires that must be...