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May 30, 2018

Stacy talks with Delto Eli Alcantara about how his military experience has helped him in his civilian life.


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May 29, 2018

Are you taking care of yourself?

My good friend Stacy A. Cross, talks about Health, Wealth, and Happiness in her podcast “The Stacy A. Cross Show.” And this inspired me to do something. I’ve been working on improving my health, but have struggled to really focus on that. I eat healthy for a few days, then fall...

May 25, 2018

The toughest objection you get in the sale, is the same objection you have internally. Jason shares how to overcome that objection, and win in the close.



May 23, 2018

Thelonious C. Jones, and Stacy A. Cross come to you today for #DontGetWeakWendesday. Thelonious talks about passive income through rental properties. This was specifically geared toward truck drivers, as a means for them to make supplemental income in the times that trucks break down, and they cannot be on the road. The...

May 22, 2018

This was the context to my Yanny VS Lauren post. There's nothing really special about it, except for the fact that I hopped on a trending topic, and used trending hashtags. The results were what was interesting.


This is pretty interesting. Remember that whole “what color dress is this”, thing? Well. Now we have...