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Patience & Hustle Daily - Growing Your Client Base

Sep 27, 2019

Right now, reach out to your current client base, and ask them to introduce you to three of their friends..


You need to make more money and grow this new business you have, and you think the only way to do that is to go out and knock on every door, send everyone a Direct Message, to spend money on advertisement. That is one way to do it, but there is a more effective way, to show quicker results.

Getting your current client base to introduce you to at least 3 of their close friends, whom they think could benefit from your products and services, is the easiest way to start growing.

Pick up your phone and either call, or send a video to your current client, asking them this. “If you have received any value from my products and services, would you introduce me to 3 of your friends who could also benefit from the products and service that I offer?”

What will they say? If they find your products and services of any value, and they should, they will gladly introduce you to 3 of their friends.

Why is this important?

Your client’s fiends, trust your client. Which means when you get the opportunity to speak with them, there will automatically be a foundation of trust built. They trust their friend, and they trust their friends recommendations. Now all you have to do is work on closing them on getting the same value that their friend is getting.

Here’s the best part of this. When these new people become clients, you repeat the process. If one client can bring in 3 friends, and you close 2 of them, that’s now 2 new clients. Then if those 2 introduce you to 3 people each, and you close 4 of them, you now have 6 new clients in total. That’s a much easier, and quicker way to grow your client base.

There’s value in cold calling, but when you get someone in the door who is warm , and trusting already, that’s much easier.