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Jun 7, 2019

Two quick tips to success in anything that you do. Let’s go


1: Find a problem, solve it, teach others to solve it.
Maybe the company you work for is trying to increase sales. Find ways to increase yours, then teach others the processes you took to do that. Or maybe they’re trying to improve efficiency in a particular area of the company. Take that on as your personal responsibility. When you can solve a problem in a company, or in an industry, you will start to stand out. Especially if you start teaching others how to solve it. This will help you also break out of obscurity, in the company. If the company doesn’t recognize your hard work, and give you credit, maybe you should you find a new company who values you, or start your own company to solve that problem for companies.

2: Give more value
Similarly to #1, these go hand in hand. When you seek out a problem to solve, more than likely you don’t get a paycheck to solve that particular problem. Here’s one example: Your job is to close deals, to make sales. A problem the company has is that their people aren’t making enough phone calls though. You’re not being paid to solve that problem, but if you take that problem on, give more to the company than what you’re paid to do, you’ll see more success in the company, and more opportunity. Same goes for when you’re working with a client. When the value exceeds price, price no longer becomes an objection, and makes closing the deal easier.